C Wurf Tachunga geboren am 14.08.2002

Vater: Aron from the shadow of the Mountains; HD A1; Augen frei

Mutter: Andra Gina Companions of the wind; HD A1; Augen frei



Chakay Wakanda Tachunga; HD A1

Chakhan Wakanda Tachunga

Cheyco Beothuk Tachunga; HD B1; Augen frei

Chugan Beothuk Tachunga; HD A; Augen frei



Cherka Wakanda Tachunga

Chiara Wakanda Tachunga; HD A, Augen frei

Chinook Wakanda Tachunga; HD B1, Augen frei

Choya Wakanda Tachunga; HD B1, Augen frei

Chyna Beothuk Tachunga; HD B1, Augen frei; DM DM/DM betroffen

Comanchy Beothuk Tachunga